Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ballet Night

Lastnight Tonya took Ashton to ballet class, so the men had the rule of the house. First of all, I think she was trying to get me back for something. Before she left, we fixed spaghetti and on her way out, she told me told me to make sure that I gave the kids a bath and then flew out of the door. Bath night is bad enough, but you can see the challenge that I was to have.

This kind of looks like a glamor shot.

We finally made it to the tub.

If you look close in the next two pictures, you can see that the boys were stained. Maybe mom will not notice.

Then Jackson and I took everybody downstairs to rock it out on Rock Band. The boys think they are stars for sure.

Now he's ready for an encore.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Look At This!

Well, it all started with the normal screams that are ever present in our house. I decided to look into the living room to see why Ashton was screaming this time. What I saw was Jackson chasing a screaming and crying Ashton. This wasn't out of the ordinary, but it did surprise me to see Ashton playing with a ball. Then I noticed she was not playing keep away. For some reason, Jackson had decided to cram her finger in the holes of a wiffle ball.

I then tried to pull it off, but her finger had swollen too much. It started to change color so I even called my fireman brother David. He told me to cut her finger off and then the ball would come right off, but I did not take his advice. Just kidding, he was a big help.

I did however find some pliers and cut it off, but it was tough.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Death Of A Blog

Well, it has only been since August 30th that I last blogged. This also means that if any of my past readers had any kind of life, they would have given up on my sorry blog a log time ago. I don't blame them. But I have to refer you to my very first blog entry when I stated in my man blog by-laws and I quote: "Every blog entry will be a gift". It will not be a gift because it has any notable content, but because I am pretty unreliable when it comes to this kind of thing. I will try to get back on the wagon. Just to fill you in, I am trying to come up with something interesting to blog about. I am told by my wonderful wife that I am going on a diet tomorrow. Maybe I could post before and after photos like those cheezy infomercials. You know the ones where in the fat picture the person looks like their dog just died and then they are skinny and have a new makeover. Or maybe I could bring back another stupid joke edition. Whatever it is, I can assure you it will probably not be worthy of one of Tonya's blogs. She has pretty high standards......that's apparent by her choice in men.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Passing Of The Cup

Today was a big day at our house. Last night I purchased our son's first athletic supporter. If you aren't politically correct, you may not understand me unless I refer to it as a jock strap, boulder holder or a family jewel case.

For all you mothers out there, I did not pass down my old cup to him as the title of this post might imply. I did the right thing and purchased him his own. That would not really be feasable since mine would be way to big.

Anyway, I knew that he would be excited and I knew that he would put it on right then and beat on it all day. That is exactly what happened. He loved it. We could not have bought him another toy that would have made him any happier.

He actually took it a step further and started finding alternative uses for it.

A hat in case it starts raining.

A fireman's breathing apperatus - a timeless classic for sure

And football shoulder pads

He even wanted to put a stick on it and make a lacrosse stick with it. I was pretty proud. It's great to be a guy, girls don't get to have fun like this.

Cat-astrophe At The Dodd House

Well, do you remember back around May 1st of this year, we were the proud grandparents of 3 kittens. We had taken in a skinny little stray that was apparently pregnant. (Just our Luck). The wonders of Craig's List found a wonder full home for them and I thought that we were done with all that. If you do the math and extrapolate that the average gestation period for the common household feline is 63 days, our social little kitty got knocked up again around 4 to 5 weeks after giving birth. To make a long story short, we are now the proud grandparents of 7 kittens.

(6 of which we will be finding homes for if you are interested. If you are cool enough to read my man blog, I know that you will be great parents.)

Last Saturday night, she started following us around and acting kind of funny. Jackson let her outside and soon she was nowhere to be found. We looked for her quite a bit for the rest of the night, but could not. When we came home from church it was starting to rain and Tonya spotted her in our back yard. She then led her under our deck steps where she had the nestled in a little nest in our ivy. We both crawled under our deck steps in the rain reaching in pulling out kitten after kitten until finally we had seven. It was like a magician pulling handkerchiefs out of his hand. After each kitten, we thought we had the last one and then there was another, and then another. I hope that our great cat houdini has performed her last trick.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Frog Scare

Here is another one of my greatest moments as a dad. We found this frog puppet and the twins loved it. That is until I thought it would be funny to make him bite them.....It seemed like a good idea at the time, but as you can see, I was wrong.